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When Do I Need Cataract Surgery?

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There is no way to prevent cataracts. If you live long enough, you will eventually get cataracts. There are ways to slow down their progress, but they must be removed.

There is only one way to do that, which is with cataract removal surgery. Cataracts usually grow slowly and do not need removal when they are first found.

In fact, early on cataracts have no noticeable effect on vision. If you have cataracts, make sure to have regular eye appointments!

Monitoring your cataracts lets you prepare for when you need cataract surgery. Keep reading for signs you need cataract surgery!

Your Cataracts Interfere With Your Work

Blurry vision from cataracts can bring productivity to a halt. Struggling to see small details can make any job difficult and time consuming.

It’s frustrating to no longer be able to see what you’re doing. If your cataracts are impacting your ability to do your job, this is a sign that they may need to come out.

Your Cataracts Stop You From Going Outside

Certain kinds of cataracts tend to produce a lot of extra glare which can make it painful to be in sunlight. This is because the light refracts off the cataract and bounces around the inside of the eye.

Spending time outside is a big part of many people’s lives and having it be a painful experience can be hard. This can affect you during the day, and at night as well.

Your Cataracts Are Affecting Your Safety

Poor vision is unsafe for many obvious reasons. It is particularly dangerous to have while you are driving at night. Low light situations with cataracts are already difficult to see in.

Cataracts can also cause halos around oncoming traffic headlights. These halos make it almost impossible to see while driving at night.

Cataracts often cause painful light sensitivity, which night driving can exacerbate. If you do not feel safe driving with your current vision, then don’t risk it. Seek your eye doctor out as soon as possible.

You Cope With Your Cataracts As They Are

There are plenty of ways to deal with cataracts in early development. Glasses work fine for reading and doing work.

Polarized sunglasses cut down on glare from sunlight outside. Adding more bright lights to your home can counteract any dimming. Having cataracts can often be like looking through a yellow filter that’s dim.

When you go in for a cataract screening, you will undergo a series of tests. You’ll also answer questions to determine if your vision problems are from a cataract.

If they are because you have a cataract, you’ll discuss the next steps. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have so that you are confident!

If your eye doctor decides it’s time to remove your cataract, you’ll go over the procedure and IOL options. It’s important to choose the IOL best for you and your lifestyle.

Wondering whether you may need cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at the Pinke Eye Center in Shelton, CT today!

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