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Will Cataract Surgery Hurt?

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Many people see the word “surgery” and associate it with pain. After all, the entire point of surgery is to correct a problem in the body and it is often quite invasive.

But not all surgeries are the same. Cataract surgery lasts only about 10 minutes once it starts. And even better is it’s painless!

This is because you’ll receive localized anesthetic. Yes, there really is no pain! Keep reading to learn more about cataract surgery and its recovery!

Recovering from Cataract Surgery

Recovering from cataract surgery is almost always easy and uncomplicated. It requires a small amount of effort to stay safe and to cut the length of recovery.

You will likely experience some uncomfortable side effects within the first few days. These side effects may include redness, irritation, and sensitivity to light.

It is important not to rub your eyes during recovery, as it could result in painful complications. Instead, you will have eye drops to help cope with these symptoms. Use the eye drops frequently, even if you don’t feel like you need them.

After you’re cleared for going home, you’ll get an eye shield to put over your eye. You’ll need to wear your eye shield while sleeping to avoid bumping into it.

You will also receive protective sunglasses to wear outdoors. This is because your eyes will be more susceptible to damage from the sun while recovering.

Over the course of the next week or two, you will need to avoid any strenuous activities. This includes lifting heavy objects and hard exercise.

You’ll also need to be extra careful around water. Keep your eyes closed while showering for this reason! While recovering, you’re likely to get infections from contaminants like dirt or dust.

Make sure you do your best to keep these and other things out of your recovering eye! Going the extra lengths will reduce your risk of injuring your eye or getting an infection.

It is also important to attend follow up appointments with your eye doctor. This will allow them to check your progress and find warning signs of any potential problems.

Problems caught early are much easier to deal with than ones that are caught too late. If a problem comes up, early detection is key! Complications or risks from cataract surgery are rare, but they do happen on occasion.

Schedule a Cataract Screening

If you are nervous about cataract surgery, schedule a cataract screening! During your appointment at Pinke Eye Center in Shelton, CT you will go through several exams. These examinations help us see how advanced your cataracts are.

You will be able to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure during your screening! We will also discuss what kind of IOL is best for you, as it’s a crucial part of the procedure. Most patients feel reassured after attending a screening and know what to expect.

Ready to abolish your cataracts and vision loss for good? Contact the Pinke Eye Center in Shelton, CT to schedule a cataract screening now!

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