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Surprising Facts About Glaucoma

Man walking outside by the waterWhether you have glaucoma or you’re trying to avoid it, it’s a good idea to know the facts. Once you study the facts, you’ll realize that there is a lot more to glaucoma than meets the eye. You’ll also realize that it’s a good idea to stay knowledgeable if you’re serious about protecting your eyes.

Only Half of Sufferers Know They Have Glaucoma

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, around 3 million Americans suffer from glaucoma, but only around 1.5 million realize they have it. This is because glaucoma often presents without symptoms. People don’t feel pain, even as their eye pressure increases. Sufferers do experience peripheral vision loss, but people tend to compensate for it without realizing they have a problem.

Anyone Can Get Glaucoma

When you think of glaucoma, you likely think of older people, but even babies can get it. Still, some people are more at risk than others are. African Americans are the most susceptible to getting glaucoma. In addition, people who have a family history of glaucoma are more likely to get it when compared to those who don’t. Diabetics, people over 60, and those who are severely nearsighted are also considered to be high-risk for glaucoma.
Whether you are high-risk or not, you should get tested on a regular basis.

It’s the Second Leading Cause of Blindness

Glaucoma is second to cataracts when it comes to causing blindness. This is typically due to people failing to get treatment. They leave the problem untreated and the glaucoma gets progressively worse until they are blind.

Unfortunately, some people get treatment and still lose their vision. The best way to avoid this is with early detection. Keep regularly scheduled eye appointments so your eye doctor can examine your eyes. Then, you can start treatment if necessary. In most cases, the treatment will stabilize your vision so it won’t get worse.

Glaucoma Doesn’t Have a Cure

Researchers hope to find a cure for glaucoma, but right now, you can only seek treatment. Fortunately, treatment can stop vision loss so you can live a normal life with surgery or medication.

You Can Have Increased Eye Pressure Without Developing Glaucoma

Increased eye pressure and glaucoma go hand in hand, but your eye pressure can increase without getting the disease. This is partially because people tolerate eye pressure differently. It is also because what is high for one person is normal or even low for another.

It comes down to how much eye pressure your optic nerve can handle. It’s not a guessing game, though. Your eye doctor can dilate your eyes and examine them to determine your ideal amount of pressure. This will give your eye doctor insight into your degree of risk.

There might not be a cure for glaucoma, but early detection can help with treatment. Our Shelton, Connecticut facility is able to detect and treat all forms of glaucoma. Whether you have already been diagnosed and need treatment or you want to protect your eyes from the possibility of getting glaucoma, schedule your appointment today.


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