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Why Are My Eyes Bloodshot?

bloodshot eyes

Red, bloodshot eyes are a common trait to have. Everyone will have them at some point in their lives.

There are any number of reasons your eyes can become bloodshot, but what happens when they do?

The eye has tiny blood vessels between the white of the eye and the thin membrane that covers the sclera. This thin membrane is known as the conjunctiva.

These blood vessels are usually undetectable. When exposed to certain factors like irritation, the blood vessels expand.

When they expand, they become swollen, making them more visible. Keep reading to learn more about bloodshot eyes!

Causes of Bloodshot Eyes

There is a long list of reasons you could be experiencing redness of the eyes. Here are a few common ones to give you an idea of some of the reasons:

  • Allergies. This may be the most common cause of bloodshot eyes. Allergies also cause itching, discomfort, grittiness, and eye fatigue. Using eye drops can help cope with the symptoms of allergies. It’s best to try and limit your exposure to allergens as much as possible.
  • Dry eye. Chronic dry eye is a problem millions of Americans face. Treatment for dry eye is more in-depth than only using eye drops. Talk to your doctor to find out the best treatment plan for you.
  • Too much screen time. When we overuse computers or televisions, we forget to blink. When our eyes dry out, they become irritated, which causes the blood vessels in our eyes to swell.
  • Overusing eye drops. One of the best treatments for bloodshot eyes can turn into a cause. If your eyes are bloodshot frequently, it’s a good idea to talk to an eye doctor. Trying to fix the problem with eye drops yourself can just make it worse!
  • Injury or infection. As a response to damage, the brain sends more blood to the eyes in an attempt to fix it. This results in the eye becoming red.
  • Not enough sleep. Sleeping allows your eyes to “recharge” by circulating fluid through them. Without this long period of having your eyes closed, your eyes will show their discomfort.

When to See an Eye Doctor

Having bloodshot eyes every once in a while is normal. But it’s important to realize that bloodshot eyes can be a symptom for eye conditions.

These include glaucoma, corneal ulcers, hemorrhaging, uveitis, pink eye, and many more. To keep your eyes healthy, it’s important to see an eye doctor regularly. It’s your best line of defense to prevent these issues from getting out of control!

As a rule, you should seek medical attention if you notice any sudden or abrupt changes in your vision. The same is true is if you are experiencing severe pain, headaches, or nausea.

You should also see an eye doctor if you develop light sensitivity or you have an eye injury. Waiting to see an eye doctor while your eyes are suffering could lead to vision changes or worse!

Concerned about the frequency that your eyes are bloodshot? Schedule an appointment at Pinke Eye Center in Shelton, CT today!

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