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How Do I Know If I Have Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Treatment SheltonYou may have heard about a common ailment that many people get in the summer called dry eye. Like the name implies, dry eye is a condition people develop when their eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep them wet and moist. Dry eye can affect people all year long, but because of the heat, it is especially easy to get during the summer. Here’s how you tell if you have dry eye:

Your Eyes Sting Or Burn

Sometimes your eyes hurt or feel irritated because you have something in them like a stye, an ingrown eyelash, or another common but visible ailment. But if you find your eyes are feeling inflamed with no discernible cause, it may be a symptom of dry eye. When your eyes doesn’t produce enough tears, your eyes can feel sore and may even be red and puffy.

You Feel Like You Have Something In Your Eye

One of the most common symptoms of dry eye is feeling like there’s something in your eye when there’s nothing there. This can be very irritating and may lead to rubbing your eye which will only make it feel worse. If you feel like there’s something in your eye but you can’t find anything when you look in a mirror, it’s possible you have dry eye.

Your Eyes Tear Up For No Reason

Because your eyes dry out due to lack of tears, your tear glands may try to make up for that by trying to produce an excess of tears during short periods of time. This can mean your eyes won’t be exposed to anything that would make them tear up but will water a lot. If this happens frequently and you have other symptoms like redness and inflammation, this could be another indicator of dry eye. Since your eyes have trouble producing enough tears, they may also discharge a sticky kind of fluid along with or instead of tears, which is also an indicator of dry eye.

You’re Frequently Dehydrated

Being dehydrated affects your whole body, including your eyes. You can usually tell if you’re dehydrated in several different ways. You may have a headache or feel sick to your stomach if you spend a while exercising or in the heat without consuming enough water. If you get dehydrated often and also find you have any of the other symptoms listed here, this is a good indicator that you have dry eye.

How to Prevent And Treat Dry Eye

The best way to prevent dry eye, especially in the summer, is to drink plenty of water and protect your eyes from the sun. Always wear sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat when you go out in sunny weather. If you find you do have dry eye, you can relieve the symptoms by applying artificial tears, which are also sometimes referred to as eye lubricating drops. The symptoms should go away in time if you keep your eyes lubricated and shielded from the sun and other irritants. If you find this doesn’t work, or you get dry eye frequently even after taking steps to prevent it, consult your eye doctor at the Pinke Eye Center!

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