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New Year, Better Eye Health

New Year, Better Eye HealthIf you can’t remember the last time you made a visit to the eye doctor, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans go years without eye examinations. We get it, life gets in the way and we often forget to find time for preventative health care. However, we happen to know just how important it is to have regular eye examinations. Your vision literally depends on them. That’s why we encourage our patients to get in the habit of better and more frequent eye care. If you are looking for better eye health this new year, we can help!

A new year’s resolution is nothing without a strategy. So, we’re going to layout just how you can go about improving your eye health this new year.

Step 1: Schedule Your Eye Examination!

This is the most obvious first step. Before you can figure out how to best take care of your eyes, you need to find out your unique needs. Schedule an eye examination to make sure your eyes are free of disease. If you do end up with a diagnosed condition, you can go from there and discuss a treatment plan with your doctor. Early diagnosis of disease it the key to preventing vision loss.

During this exam, your doctor will also be able to update your prescription. If it’s been years since you’ve had your eyes examined, chances are you need a new prescription!

Step 2: Stay Active – Your Vision Depends on It

It’s true! In addition to helping keep every other function in your body in their best shape, exercise can work wonders for your eyes. Specifically, the more active you are, the less likely you are to develop eye diseases and conditions as you age.

Step 3: Eat For Your Eyes

Surely we sound like a broken record, but exercise and a healthy diet are truly the keys to preventing less-than-desirable eye problems. Eating a diet rich in vitamin C, omega-3s and lutein can prevent conditions like dry eye syndrome, cataracts, and even macular degeneration. You want to make sure you’re getting what your body needs, and when your eyes need (especially if you have a family history of eye disease.)

Want more tips on how to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear? Dr. Pinke is here to help you achieve better eye health. Pinke Eye Center is a leading eye care practice in Shelton, CT and has helped countless people keep their eyes as healthy as possible. Preventative eye care today can keep you from losing your vision in the future. So start today! Schedule your annual eye examination with Dr. Pinke by calling or contacting us online. See you soon!

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